The Bay’s strong partnerships are making Sarasota a better city

Teri A Hansen
Roxie Jerde
Mark Pritchett
Debra Jacobs
Carol Butera

Partnership is at the heart of The Bay, the community-led initiative continuing to transform 53 acres of city-owned land along Sarasota’s bayfront into a world-class public park.

From its origins in the Sarasota Bayfront 20:20 initiative – which brought citizens and leaders together to create the guiding principles for this shared vision – to the conceptualization, formation and efforts of the Bay Park Conservancy that is working to bring that vision to life, The Bay has depended on broad collaboration to ensure the creation of a community resource that is open, accessible, free and welcoming to all.

That spirit of collaboration is affirmed by the private sector helping to strengthen The Bay’s progress, including donors from all walks of life and each of our five charitable foundations. Like those private donors, each of our respective foundations is driven by a distinct philanthropic mission and focus – all of which aspire to help Sarasota thrive.